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An “Alternative” Alternative Investment Manager

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Martin Coward, dormouse uses rigourous scientific methodologies to test and develop rule-based strategies for investing in global financial markets, i.e. Quantitative Finance.

Dr. Coward, an internationally recognised pioneer of European quantitative hedge funds, co-founded IKOS in 1992 where, until his resignation in December 2009, he was Chief Investment Officer and Chairman. IKOS' unique trading strategies developed and directed by Martin enabled it to become one of the most successful hedge funds in the world, with peak assets of $3.5bn.

dormouse, Martin Cowards’ new venture is regulated and based in Malta.


The co-founders of dormouse have all worked together previously and have significant experience in building, fault-tolerant trading systems capable of transacting hundreds of thousands of trades daily.

Martin Coward


Dr. Martin Coward has 22 years of experience in trading, execution and risk management. After gaining a first class mathematics degree and Ph.D. from Cambridge University... read more

George Dowdye


George Dowdye has been working as a financial services professional for 22 years. He started in investment banking with Barclays de ZoeteWedd Limited in the UK in 1990... read more

Hans Drescher


Dr. Hans-Joachim Drescher has a PhD in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from the University of Nantes in France. He has worked in several post-doc positions doing research... read more

Eric Westphal


Dr. Eric Westphal has been working in finance for over 14 years. Upon leaving academia with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology from Caltech in 1998... read more


Our process is strategy evolution. We continually develop “Uncommon Models” and implementation of fast model prototyping using Python.

The portfolio construction involves an aggregation of alpha according to strategy weights, scaling to the target risk of the portfolio, and heuristic control of trading cost/slippage through ‘LazyTrader’ which intelligently reduces trading whilst preserving alpha. dormouse has a low allocation to interest rates and relatively low correlations with trend following strategies, equity markets, and commodities..

Trade execution involves continuous daily trading, FIX messaging protocol and liquidity provision in the limit order book. There is no opportunity for there to be a manipulation of the order book with ‘rogue’ or ‘phantom’ orders and there are no “ultra” high frequency methods.

Risk management is fully automated using a balanced approach to combine robustness with adaptivity. Our portfolio risk fluctuates closely around the average annualised risk level, risk scaling using an adaptive co-variance matrix. Risk is managed both within strategies and for the portfolio as a whole. The margin to equity is higher than average for the risk level due to the fact that a significant proportion of our trades are spreads.

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dormouse Density

dormouse manages a proprietary systematic investment program (“dormouse Density”) trading government bond, equity index, currency, commodity and short-term interest rate futures contracts using a combination of investment strategies including, fundamental, global macroeconomic, mean reversion, and idiosyncratic, to achieve returns uncorrelated with major asset classes and benchmarks.

Managed Accounts

dormouse offers institutional investors access to the Density program through managed accounts. Managed Accounts provide the institutional investor increased transparency, flexibility and control allowing the investor to choose the funding level of the investment (notional funding) and the potential for customisation of both risk level (volatility) and liquidity frequency.


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